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Ardha is a hospital-based project management application used to track and coordinate task completion by providers (physicians and nurses) and allied health professionals (case managers, social workers, research coordinators and discharge facilitators).
The Ardha app needed to enable efficient and thorough patient discharge from the hospital. The app needed to integrate multiple features such as assigning users to a patient, creating tasks to be completed by healthcare providers, and a chat feature with channels for patient teams and hospital wards. As one of the first digital platforms for medical providers to communicate and manage care, Ardha also needed branding with a distinct and approachable logo and landing page.
Clean user interface that combines multiple features such as task assignment and user chat  //  Parity between web and mobile platforms  //  Clear and focused brand identity
The initial dashboard design rolled multiple features into one heavy list, so I created a hierarchy for this information and moved all editable project management tasks to secondary pages. This lightened up the main patient list to serve as an index from which users can access patient detail pages where tasks can be created, assigned, viewed, and marked as complete.
The logo mark reflects the Sanskrit meaning Ardha - "coming together." The tool streamlines work flow between parties by enhancing lines of communication, so the connected elements reflect this joint workflow to create a greater product and collectively form the "A."
Initially, Ardha approached me just to work on the UI for an existing design that had been created by a prior UX designer. After a user study of that design resulted in poor reviews, I ended up taking over the UX side as well and redesigned the dashboard and complementing mobile app. 
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