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DroneBase is the leading provider for aerial imagery and data for property management, real estate, insurance, and construction projects. The DroneBase platform provides industry customers with drone imagery and data collected on-demand from its worldwide network of drone pilots.
The DroneBase app is used by pilots to manage their workflow to complete a mission. There is no one-size-fits-all for these missions - each varies in complexity regarding hardware, camera requirements, property outline, asset types, etc. The Operations team had been manually providing these details in emails to each pilot for each mission. On many occasions, a pilot will overlook a requirement buried in one of these emails, and will need to reshoot the mission. We needed a way to automate this process and clearly display all mission details to pilots so that no details are missed.
Get Operations team out of unformatted emailed instructions  //  Create informational hierarchy that displays all instructions to successfully complete mission  //  Automate pilot workflow  //  Ensure pilots read all details before accepting a mission
To enhance the pilot experience and increase our operational workflow efficiency, we divided the Mission Available screen into 4 new sections (Scope, Preparation, Execution Details, and Scheduling) containing all necessary details required for that mission. To accept the mission, pilots now have to confirm that they have read each section before booking a date and time to fly.
Prior to release, a beta version of the new pilot acceptance flow was released to a sample group of 200 pilots to glowing reviews. Pilots were ecstatic to get out of the emails and have all the necessary information easily accessible in the app. By establishing a hierarchy of information, pilots are more apt to read all details and execute the mission correctly. In addition, through creating this new flow, the DroneBase operational team is freed from manually emailing pilots these details.
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