El Nido Family Centers is a social service non-profit agency that provides counseling and family support services to disadvantaged communities throughout Los Angeles County.
As an organization with so many different resources for families, El Nido had difficulty explaining the full breadth of their capabilities. To solve this, I created a short animation to give life to their mission and purpose. This video visualize the environment El Nido serves and helps explain the organization's accomplishments.
El Nido has been serving children, youth and family members with child abuse prevention/treatment, youth development, teen parenting, and parent education for 90 years in Los Angeles.
To commemorate El Nido's 90th anniversary, I created a infographic postcard illustrating the organization's accomplishments providing vital community services that make families in Los Angeles healthier and safer. I also created a logo mark for the 90th anniversary and a brochure featuring success stories of young adults that grew up with the support of the organization.
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