Branding • Packaging Design • Visual Design
Born out of a frustration for accessible beauty tools that are easy, actually work & nice too look at without costing a fortune, SwearBy Skin brings accessibility and inclusivity to the skincare game. Starting with the LED Look Lit Mask, SwearBy was created to bring chilled, stress-free beauty products you can rely on. It's your go-to brand to take care of your skin.
Full branding suite (logo design, color palette, typography) // Packaging design and User Guide insert for SwearBy's first product, the LookLit LED Mask // Pre-launch audit for Shopify site
Simple branding with pops of color for the perfect mix of self-care and fun // Playful packaging to create elevated "unboxing" experience // Appeal to Gen Z and young millennial women and men
SwearBy's founder was inspired to create a modern and fun skincare brand that brings tangible luxuries to modern ladies and gents. The branding had to be sophisticated but accessible, inclusive not exclusive, fashionable and functional. Together we created a full branding suite that could expand to additional products in the future.
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